For stage shows, Bob plays a Sierra Session 12 Pedal Steel with a Universal tuning E9th & B6th through a Walker Stereo Steel Amp with twin Peavey 15" Black Widow speakers.

For studio work, 1977 silver face Fender Twin with JBL's

For small venues, 2011 Fender Frontman w/ Eminence 10"

Quick change pickups: Geroge "L" Humbucker or a True-Tone Single coil

George "L" Strings (always!)

Korg DTR-2 tuner / Digitech Quad 4 Processer

B²   6 string lap steel   2010

Dobro - Artist Series Square neck by Gibson

Gibson '77 Les Paul Custom

B²  Custom "Tele"  2016

Washburn Mando

Martin '14 OMCPA4