What the others say:

"I've had the good fortune to work with Bob on a number of recording sessions and his efficiency and command of his instrument astounds me. Not only does Bob know all the classic, traditional Pedal Steel styling's but he is familiar with modern techniques as well and has the ability to access a uniqueness of his own when appropriate. In addition, Bob's a great guy to have around to keep the mood light and the session fun" ............Chris Garges- Recording Engineer.

"If you can get Bob on a session then your worries are over. His expressive playing will take your project to the next level. Not to mention.....he's easy going and very accommodating to make sure you get what you're after. I'm a big Bob fan"..............David Rhyne- Recording Engineer.

Other References:

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Dan Dougmore / Nashville Session Player / Steel Guitar Player of the Year - CMA Awards 2011

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Lindsay Ryan Horne - Singer-Songwriter / Charlotte, NC


....Noonan and others including the supremely talented Gibson Brothers might not have arrived where they have without people like Gene Clark and the Flying Burrito Brothers to precede them, and Noonan acknowledges the fact with a nice version of Clark’s “Tried So Hard”; a song from an era when what was sometimes called “long-haired country” wasn’t always well-received.
Noonan follows “Tried” with several solid originals like “Bottles On The Bar,” fleshed out by Bob Barone’s steel, and “Wasn’t Meant To Be,” which he infuses with a heap of heavy electric guitar twang.  Noonan handles all the guitars save for pedal steel, which is under Bob Barone’s expert control.

Rick Allen - Vintage Guitar Magazine